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Domestic Hunger Grants - Fiscal Year 2014/15

Welcome to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America's (World Hunger Funded) Domestic Hunger Grants application process. We are pleased to see that your organization is confronting the scandalous realities of hunger and poverty in these United States of America.


  • This is not a Word document or pdf form. It is a Web application and will behave as such;
  • Please note that your application will time out after 20 minutes of inactivity. After timing out, you may log in again using your Federal Tax ID and the application will return to your last saved page. Once you hit continue at the bottom of a full page, that page will be saved;
  • Do not use the back arrow on your browser to navigate through the application. Use the continue button to move forward once a page is complete;
  • There will be an option to edit each section of your application on the last page before you hit submit. (Links to the "edit section" can be found on the right side of that page.);
  • We strongly encourage you to write your narrative pieces in a Word document for each narrative section, then copy and paste that narrative into the sections you are working; and
  • Should you encounter problems or have questions regarding the 2014/15 application process, please contact:, or

Please note that effective with the 2014/15 Domestic Hunger Grants application cycle, the application process is now a two-year application and funding cycle. This means that applicants will now be submitting an application for two years of funding consideration for the same program initiative. The following plan is how we will live into this new process:

  • New applicants e.g. organizations that are first-time applicants to the ELCA Domestic Hunger Grants program, or organizations that have not received funding for at least one year, will begin the new hunger grants application and funding process with the 2014/15 cycle;
  • Applicants funded in the 2014/15 cycle, are not eligible to apply again for two years.
  • Organizations that received a Domestic Hunger Grant in 2013, may submit a 2014/15 application for funding considerations. If funded, organizations will not be eligible to apply again for funding considerations for two years;
  • Organizations that received a Domestic Hunger Grant in 2012 and 2013, may apply for one more year of (2014) funding considerations; but will not be eligible to apply again for two years.

    1) Organizations may submit only one application per funding cycle; and
    2) Organizations approved for 2014/15 funding, can expect grant payments in February/March 2014/15; and

This application process requires that you submit one electronic application, and two hard copies of your application, along with the inclusion of a 2-4 page proposal with each of your two applications hard copies.

Sample PDF.

Note: Please mail your two (hard copies) applications to the address below. No faxed or e-mailed copies of the application will be accepted.

Please return to:
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America—Congregational Synodical Mission Unit
Attn: Ms. Johnnie Thompson, Administrative Assistant Coordinator
8765 W. Higgins Rd., CSM-9th Floor
Chicago, IL 60631
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The 2013 ELCA Domestic Hunger Grant application has concluded. The application is closed for the 2013 fiscal year.