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ELCA Synods Fund Listing
as of
4/17/2014 7:39:12 AM

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360 Active Funds
Fund IDFund DescriptionStart DateOld QratorSRA-Group
GCS3076Young Adults in Global Mission - Rwanda, GCS30762/27/2014 MS
GCS2000ELCA Missionary Sponsorship2/1/2014 MS
GCS2500Missionaries and Young Adults in Global Mission (GCS2500)2/1/2014 MS
GCS2002Philip Baker GCS200210/31/2013 MS
GCS2003kate Warn GCS200310/31/2013 MS
GCS2010Mawien Ariik GCS201010/31/2013 MS
GCS2011Kirsten Fryer GCS201110/31/2013 MS
GMG0848Central African Republic-Emmanuel Health Care Center Gallo (EHCG), GMG084810/31/2013 MS
IDG0087Pacific Typhoon Response10/31/2013 ID
GCS1000ELCA Global Church Sponsorship -Where needed most8/31/2013 MS
GCS2004Jennifer Roberts GCS20048/31/2013 MS
GCS2005Michael Parker GCS20058/31/2013 MS
GCS2006Brent Wilkinson GCS20068/31/2013 MS
GCS2007Stephen & Jodi Swanson GCS20078/31/2013 MS
GCS2008Morsal Collier GCS20088/31/2013 MS
GCS2009Abraham Peterson GCS20098/31/2013 MS
GCS4000Global Ministries General GCS40008/31/2013 MS
GCS4001Global Ministries in Argentina/Uruguay GCS40018/31/2013 MS
GCS4002Global Ministries in Bangladesh GCS40028/31/2013 MS
GCS4003Global Ministries in Bolivia GCS40038/31/2013 MS
GCS4004Global Ministries in Brazil8/31/2013 MS
GCS4005Cambodia: Expanding Outreach8/31/2013 MS
GCS4006Global Ministries in Central African Republic8/31/2013 MS
GCS4008Global Ministries in China GCS40088/31/2013 MS
GCS4009Middle East & North Africa: Strengthening Arab Christian Evangelical Witness8/31/2013 MS
GCS4010Global Ministries in El Salvador GCS40108/31/2013 MS
GCS4011Global Ministries in Germany-Wittenberg Center GCS40118/31/2013 MS
GCS4012Global Ministries in Guatemala GCS40128/31/2013 MS
GCS4013Global Ministries in Hong Kong GCS40138/31/2013 MS
GCS4014Global Ministries in India GCS40148/31/2013 MS
GCS4015Indonesia: Reaching New Communities GCS40158/31/2013 MS
GCS4016Global Ministries - Joint Christian Ministries in West Africa GCS40168/31/2013 MS
GCS4017Global Ministries in Kenya GCS40178/31/2013 MS
GCS4018Latin America & Caribbean: Strengthening Small Churches GCS40188/31/2013 MS
GCS4019Global Ministries in Madagascar GCS40198/31/2013 MS
GCS4020Global Ministries in Malawi GCS40208/31/2013 MS
GCS4021Malaysia: Outreach among Indigenous Neighbors GCS40218/31/2013 MS
GCS4022Global Ministries - Mekong Mission Forum GCS40228/31/2013 MS
GCS4024Mozambique: Training Servant Leaders, GCS40248/31/2013 MS
GCS4025Myanmar: Strengthening the Emergin Church GCS40258/31/2013 MS
GCS4026Global Ministries in Nicaragua GCS40268/31/2013 MS
GCS4027Global Ministries in Papua New Guinea GCS40278/31/2013 MS
GCS4028Global Ministries in Peru GCS40288/31/2013 MS
GCS4029Global Ministries in Russia-Ingria GCS40298/31/2013 MS
GCS4030Siberia: Equipping the Faithful GCS40308/31/2013 MS
GCS4031Senegal: Growing the Church GCS40318/31/2013 MS
GCS4033Global Ministries in Southern Africa GCS40338/31/2013 MS
GCS4034Tanzania: Effective Outreach in the 21st Century GCS40348/31/2013 MS
GCS4035West Africa: Proclaiming the Gospel in Urban Areas GCS40358/31/2013 MS
GCS4036Zambia: Constructing New Churches GCS40368/31/2013 MS
GCS4037Zimbabwe: Building up the Church GCS40378/31/2013 MS
GCS4007Global Ministries in Chile GCS40078/30/2013 MS
GCS4032South Sudan: A New Church for a New Nation, GCS40327/31/2013 MS
MIS0013Tests and medicine to treat malaria7/31/2013 MI
WHS0097Cow7/31/2013 WH
WHS0098Share of a cow7/31/2013 WH
WHS0099Pig7/31/2013 WH
WHS0100Honey bees7/31/2013 WH
WHS0101Fish7/31/2013 WH
WHS0102Goat7/31/2013 WH
WHS0103Sheep7/31/2013 WH
WHS0104Oxen and plow7/31/2013 WH
WHS0105Share of an oxen and plow7/31/2013 WH
WHS0106Chicks7/31/2013 WH
WHS0107Family farm7/31/2013 WH
WHS0108Water well7/31/2013 WH
WHS0109Share of a well7/31/2013 WH
WHS0111Irrigation canal7/31/2013 WH
WHS0113Vaccinations for a child7/31/2013 WH
WHS0114Clinic visit for a child7/31/2013 WH
WHS0115Bicycle ambulance7/31/2013 WH
WHS0116Month of food for child orphaned by AIDS7/31/2013 WH
WHS0117Year of food for child orphaned by AIDS7/31/2013 WH
WHS0118Stock a health clinic7/31/2013 WH
WHS0119Microloan for a woman7/31/2013 WH
WHS0120Start a village savings and loans group7/31/2013 WH
WHS0121School fees and uniform for a girl7/31/2013 WH
WHS0122School supplies for a child7/31/2013 WH
WHS0123School supplies for a classroom7/31/2013 WH
WHS0124Fruit-tree seedling7/31/2013 WH
WHS0125Grove of 10 fruit-tree seedlings7/31/2013 WH
WHS0126Community Garden7/31/2013 WH
WHS0127Share of a Community Garden7/31/2013 WH
WHS0128Farming tools and training7/31/2013 WH
WHS0129Stock a backpack with food7/31/2013 WH
WHS0130Feed 10 at a soup kitchen7/31/2013 WH
WHS0131Feed 50 at a soup kitchen7/31/2013 WH
WHS0132Ten Talent Grants - World Hunger Synod7/31/2013 WH
GCS3000Young Adults in Global Mission5/1/2013 MS
GCS3001Young Adults in Global Mission - Argentina/Uraguay5/1/2013 MS
GCS3002Young Adults in Global Mission - Central Europe5/1/2013 MS
GCS3004Young Adult in Global Mission - Madagascar5/1/2013 MS
GCS3005Young Adult in Global Mission - Malaysia5/1/2013 MS
GCS3006Young Adults in Global Mission - Mexico5/1/2013 MS
GCS3007Young Adult Global Mission - Southern Africa5/1/2013 MS
GCS3008Young Adults in Global Mission - United Kingdom5/1/2013 MS
GCS3009Branchaud, Erin & Josh5/1/2013 MS
GCS3010Drury, Tyler5/1/2013 MS
GCS3011Dunn, Jennifer5/1/2013 MS
GCS3012Menke, Katherine5/1/2013 MS
GCS3013Shardlow, George5/1/2013 MS
GCS3014Thomas, Elizabeth5/1/2013 MS
GCS3015Zollos, Kristyn5/1/2013 MS
GCS3016Hanchar, Mari5/1/2013 MS
GCS3017Massey, Meredith5/1/2013 MS
GCS3018Paulsen, Chelsea5/1/2013 MS
GCS3019Schenk, Ole5/1/2013 MS
GCS3020Titze, Thad5/1/2013 MS
GCS3021Baldrige, Kaitlyn5/1/2013 MS
GCS3022Beebe, Kevin5/1/2013 MS
GCS3023Crary, Chelsey & Nate5/1/2013 MS
GCS3024Cress, Abigail5/1/2013 MS
GCS3025Funkhouser, Sarah5/1/2013 MS
GCS3026Ailabouni, Karis5/1/2013 MS
GCS3027Erikson, Molly5/1/2013 MS
GCS3028Guthrie, Anna5/1/2013 MS
GCS3029Heinz, Thomas5/1/2013 MS
GCS3030Andrea (Anndi) Russell (GCS3030)5/1/2013 MS
GCS3031Stewart, Zachary5/1/2013 MS
GCS3032Stitt, Ian5/1/2013 MS
GCS3033Bergeson, Jenna5/1/2013 MS
GCS3034Bingea, Delia5/1/2013 MS
GCS3035Bonawitz, Sean5/1/2013 MS
GCS3036Crofts, Daniel5/1/2013 MS
GCS3037Derrick, Sarah5/1/2013 MS
GCS3038Hanson, Katrina5/1/2013 MS
GCS3039Higgins, Evan5/1/2013 MS
GCS3040Hubbard, Julia5/1/2013 MS
GCS3041Peterson, Colleen5/1/2013 MS
GCS3042Birch, Elizabeth5/1/2013 MS
GCS3043Birkdel, Rachel5/1/2013 MS
GCS3044Burke, Amy5/1/2013 MS
GCS3045Johnson, Rachel5/1/2013 MS
GCS3046Lamb, Anna5/1/2013 MS
GCS3047Moe-Lobeda, Gabe5/1/2013 MS
GCS3048Schroeder, Jacob5/1/2013 MS
GCS3049Dahle, Emily5/1/2013 MS
GCS3050Ellerbee, Brent5/1/2013 MS
GCS3051Henderson, Abigail5/1/2013 MS
GCS3052Janss, Elle5/1/2013 MS
GCS3053Mack, Kelly5/1/2013 MS
GCS3054Roehl, Luke5/1/2013 MS
GCS3055Swenson, Rachel5/1/2013 MS
GCS3056Turner, Joseph5/1/2013 MS
GCS3057Weatherford, Keenan5/1/2013 MS
GCS3058Wolfe, Hannah5/1/2013 MS
GCS3059Buuck, Abigail5/1/2013 MS
GCS3060Cahill, Eleanor5/1/2013 MS
GCS3061Canaday, Scarlett5/1/2013 MS
GCS3062Casey, Vickey5/1/2013 MS
GCS3063Hedrick, Erin5/1/2013 MS
GCS3064Kimball, Emily5/1/2013 MS
GCS3065Lui, Elizabeth5/1/2013 MS
GCS3066Osmera, Michael5/1/2013 MS
GCS3067Ritzi, Katharine5/1/2013 MS
GCS3068Swanson, Kari5/1/2013 MS
GCS3069Tasker, Nick5/1/2013 MS
GCS3070Wagner, Emma5/1/2013 MS
DDG0010Lutheran Disaster Response, US3/15/2013D8DD
DDG0060Lutheran Disaster Response3/15/2013D7DDG
IDG0016Lutheran Disaster Response, International3/15/2013D9ID
MSG0725Hudson, Danae & Steven1/1/2013 MS
MSG0726Mack, Lindsay and Mixco, Omar1/1/2013 MS
MSG0727Zimmann, Martin and Angela1/1/2013 MS
MIS0009ELCA Malaria Campaign -- Nigeria12/1/2012 MI
MIS0010ELCA Malaria Campaign -- Tanzania12/1/2012 MI
MSG0721Paul Martin, Chandran12/1/2012 MS
MSG0722Fentress, Laura12/1/2012 MS
MSG0723Dixon, Morgan12/1/2012 MS
MSG0724Keenan, Caroline12/1/2012 MS
DDG0078Hurricane Sandy10/1/2012 DDG
DDG0079Hurricane Sandy - US10/1/2012 DDG
IDG0080Hurricane Sandy - Caribbean10/1/2012 ID
MSG0715Eric and Wendolyn Trozzo (MSG0715)10/1/2012 MS
IDG0078Syria Confict Relief8/1/2012 ID
MSG0720Moraska, Krystle7/2/2012 MS
DDG0077U.S. Wildfires7/1/2012 DD
MSG0716Roth, Erik and Tanna6/1/2012 MS
MSG0717Smith Susan6/1/2012 MS
MSG0718Ann Klavano (MSG0718)6/1/2012 MS
MSG0719Johnson, Elisabeth6/1/2012 MS
WHS0096100 Wells Challenge, Synod4/1/2012 WH
IDG0077West Africa Sahel Drought Relief3/26/2012 ID
MSG0712Chad & Natalie Rimmer MSG07123/1/2012 MS
MSG0713Rosanne Swanson (MSG0713)2/8/2012 MS
MSG0708Schmidt, Miriam2/1/2012 MS
MSG0709Ross, Megan2/1/2012 MS
MSG0710John and Tanya Propst (MSG0710)2/1/2012 MS
MSG0711Michael Fonner & Leslie Weed - Fonner (MSG0711)2/1/2012 MS
MSG0714Tessa and Jon Leiseth (MSG0714)2/1/2012 MS
IDG0073Central America Flood Relief10/24/2011 ID
IDG0075Honduras Flood Relief10/24/2011 ID
IDG0076EL Salvador Flood Relief10/24/2011 ID
MSG0707Themba Mkhabela (MSG0707)10/24/2011 MS
MSG0703Lucas Chatelain (MSG0703)7/1/2011 MS
MSG0705Patrick Meers (MSG0705)7/1/2011 MS
MSG0706Rodriguez, Jose & Baker, Kathrin7/1/2011 MS
DDG0074U. S. Severe Spring Storms4/25/2011 DD
MSG0693Kristen Opalinski (MSG0693)10/18/2010 MS
IDG0063Nicaragua Flood Response10/7/2010 ID
MIS0003ELCA Malaria Campaign - Synod10/7/2010 MI
IDG0040Pakistan Relief8/1/2010K8ID
MSG0688Brian & Cristine Palmer (MSG0688)7/22/2010 MS
MSG0690Griffin, Jacalyn7/22/2010 MS
IDG0061Chile Earthquake Relief3/1/2010 ID
IDG0059Haiti Earthquake Relief1/11/2010 ID
IDG0062Haiti Earthquake Relief-Thrivent1/1/2010 ID
WHS0062Feeding Centers in the Democratic Republic of Congo - Synod10/15/2009 WH
WHS0063Sustainable Agricultuer in Central America - Synod10/15/2009 WH
WHS0064Food Banks in the United States - Synod10/15/2009 WH
WHS0065Long-Term Disaster Recovery in Southeast Asia - Synod10/15/2009 WH
WHS0066Support for Refugee Families Returning Home to Uganda - Synod10/15/2009 WH
IDG0057Philippines Flooding10/1/2009 ID
IDG0058Samoa/Tonga Disasters10/1/2009 ID
WHS0060Women - World Hunger Synod9/25/2009 WH
WHS0061Children - World Hunger Synod9/25/2009 WH
MIS0002Nets-Lutheran Malaria Initiative - Synod8/26/2009 MI
MSG0381Nygard, Mark and Linda8/12/2009 MS
MSG0677Nordby, Rodney and Anderson, Nancy8/12/2009 MS
MSG0679Odgers, Erin8/12/2009 MS
MSG0682Justin & Kari Eller (MSG0682)8/12/2009 MS
MSG0684Foster, Douglas & Wironen, Susan7/1/2009 MS
IDG0056Pakistan/Afghan Refugee Relief6/1/2009 ID
IDG0055Democratic Republic of Congo Crisis Response4/7/2009 ID
MSG0676Karen Anderson (MSG0676)1/29/2009 MS
WHS0059ELCA World Hunger - HIV and AIDS fund - Synod11/21/2008 WH
MSG0671Roske-Metcalfe, Andrea and Luke10/1/2008 MS
IDG0054Hurricane Response - Latin America/Caribbean9/8/2008 ID
DDG0073Hurricane Response - United States8/28/2008 DD
WHS0057Tour De Revs - World Hunger Synod7/25/2008 WH
MSG0666Dorcas Wang (MSG0666)6/26/2008 MS
IDG0053China Earthquake5/12/2008 ID
IDG0052Myanmar Cyclone5/6/2008 ID
IDG0051World Food Crisis5/5/2008 ID
DDG0070Gulf Coast Long Term Recovery2/7/2008 DD
IDG0050Kenya Violence1/3/2008 ID
IDG0048Sri Lanka Flooding12/27/2007 ID
IDG0049Indonesia Relief12/27/2007 ID
MSG0649Haug, Arden12/3/2007 MS
IDG0047Bangladesh Cyclone Relief11/19/2007 ID
MSG0214Kevin Jacobson (MSG0214)10/1/2007 MS
MSG0605Wunsch, David & Lawler, Kathryn9/3/2007UEMS
IDG0046India Subcontinent Floods8/27/2007 ID
DDG0069Flooding - United States8/24/2007 DD
IDG0045Peru Earthquake8/16/2007 ID
MSG0628Nelson, Ososki, Dana7/23/2007 MS
MSG0629Arden Strasser (MSG0629)7/23/2007 MS
MSG0631Randal & Carol Stubbs (MSG0631)7/23/2007 MS
MSG0632Robin J Strickler (MSG0632)7/23/2007 MS
MSG0637Anspach-Hanson, E7/23/2007 MS
E270045Campus Ministry Endowment1/1/2001IMFO
E270134ELCA Fund for Leaders10/1/1997OTFO
E194800Special Needs Retirement Endowment Fund10/27/1995IBFO
WHS0007Hope for Children Project LWF - Synod1/1/1900H6LWF
WHS0008Pigs for Haiti LWF - Synod1/1/1900A3LWF
WHS0010Food Resource Bank LWR - Synod1/1/1900W8LWR
WHS0015OWP Nicaragua LWR- Synod1/1/1900W9LWR
WHS0016Project Comfort/Freight for Quilts LWR- Synod1/1/1900FQLWR
WHS0027Stand With Africa - AIDS - Synod1/1/1900W4SWA
WHS0028Stand With Africa - Daily Bread - Synod1/1/1900W3SWA
WHS0029Stand With Africa - Peace - Synod1/1/1900W5SWA
WHS0031Hunger at Home - Synod1/1/1900L7WH
WHS0037Youth Challenge - World Hunger Appeal1/1/1900YYWH
WHS0043Fish Farming - Synod1/1/1900H2WH
DDG0020Tornadoes - United States10/01/2006S4DD
GCS3003Young Adult in Global Mission Jerusalem/West Bank10/01/2006 MS
GMG0017Bible Women in India10/01/2006WESMS
GMG0034Cameroon Evangelism10/01/2006I4SMS
GMG0059Chinese Ministries10/01/2006CPSMS
GMG0062Church Roofs-Cameroon10/01/2006CQSMS
GMG0063Church Roofs-Central African Republic10/01/2006ARSMS
GMG0077Costa Rica10/01/2006 MS
GMG0084Dakar Center-Senegal10/01/2006I7SMS
GMG0111Education, West Bank10/01/2006DYSMS
GMG0118ELCJHL Church Work-Jordan10/01/2006F5SMS
GMG0119Emmanuel Housing Project-Nicaragua10/01/2006ETSMS
GMG0127Ethiopia Scholarships10/01/2006FGSMS
GMG0129AIDS Orphan Rehab Project-Ethiopia10/01/2006EZSMS
GMG0152Lutheran Schools in the Holy Land10/01/2006F3SMS
GMG0164Henry Martin Institute10/01/2006HRSMS
GMG0182India-Fosterships for Children10/01/2006J4SMS
GMG0197Jerusalem, Evangelizing10/01/2006FMSMS
GMG0208La Isla School in Guatemala10/01/2006GISMS
GMG0223Liberia Logistical Support10/01/2006I3SMS
GMG0224Liberia-Leadership Development10/01/2006ITSMS
GMG0259Medical Care-Liberia10/01/2006HLSMS
GMG0275Ministry in Print-Liberia10/01/2006LLSMS
GMG0321Outreach in Papua New Guinea10/01/2006J3SMS
GMG0374Russia Evangelizing10/01/2006DVSMS
GMG0375Russia Leadership Development10/01/2006LRSMS
GMG0393Scholarships-C A R10/01/2006FESMS
GMG0412Sierra Leone-Evangelizing10/01/2006FTSMS
GMG0422Southern Africa Concerns10/01/2006CXSMS
GMG0450Child Prostitution Prevention Prgm-Thailand10/01/2006CSSMS
GMG0469Training Nigerian Pastors for Mission10/01/2006MNSMS
GMG0472Translation of Christian Lit. in Cameroon10/01/2006HESMS
GMG0483Volunteer Service Program10/01/2006BASMS
GMG0495Youth Ministry-Liberia10/01/2006IQSMS
GMG0502Mount of Olives Housing project10/01/2006LESMS
IDG0010Zimbabwe Crisis10/01/2006D6ID
IDG0026Mexico International Disaster10/01/2006 ID
IDG0032South Asia Tsunami10/01/2006B3ID
IDG0033Sudan Crisis10/01/2006S9ID
IDG0038Middle East Crisis10/01/2006S8ID
IDG0043AVH Relief10/01/2006K4ID
IDG0064Egypt Disaster Relief10/01/2006 ID
IDG0065New Zealand Earthquake Relief10/01/2006 ID
IDG0066Pacific Earthquake and Tsunami10/01/2006 ID
IDG0067Horn of Africa Drought relief10/01/2006 ID
MIS0004One mosquito net10/01/2006 MI
MIS0005Mosquito nets for a village10/01/2006 MI
MIS0006Protect women and children from malaria S10/01/2006 MI
MIS0007Train a village health team S10/01/2006 MI
MIS0008Medicine to treat malaria patients10/01/2006 MI
MSG0021Patrick & Jacqueline (MSG0021)10/01/2006VGMS
MSG0059Nathan & Sharonette Bowman (MSG0059)10/01/2006SLMS
MSG0069David Brondos (MSG0069)10/01/2006UIMS
MSG0075Bradn Buerkle (MSG0075)10/01/2006X4MS
MSG0098Stephen Deal (MSG0098)10/01/2006SUMS
MSG0112Eige, Christine10/01/2006UWMS
MSG0141D Stephen Friberg (MSG0141)10/01/2006M9MS
MSG0197Andrew & Barbara Hinderlie (MSG0197)10/01/2006QQMS
MSG0216Mark & Linda Jacobson (MSG0216)10/01/2006PKMS
MSG0245Philip Knutson (MSG0245)10/01/2006 MS
MSG0257David & Mary Kuck (MSG0257)10/01/2006OIMS
MSG0260Anne & Willie Langdji (MSG0260)10/01/2006RAMS
MSG0270John & Barbara LeMond (MSG0270)10/01/2006ZCMS
MSG0322Timothy & Mari McKenzie (MSG0322)10/01/2006TKMS
MSG0358Katie Narum Miyamoto (MSG0358)10/01/2006P6MS
MSG0369Philip & June Nelson (MSG0369)10/01/2006 MS
MSG0399Mary Beth Oyebade (MSG0399)10/01/2006WBMS
MSG0462James & Carol Sack (MSG0462)10/01/2006RRMS
MSG0509Stadtlander, Dirk and Sarah10/01/2006RXMS
MSG0546Jeffrey Truscott (MSG0546)10/01/2006YTMS
MSG0554Christa Von Zychlin & Wayne Nieminen (MSG0554)10/01/2006 MS
MSG0591Theodore Zimmerman (MSG0591)10/01/2006TIMS
MSG0600Robertson, Barbara10/01/2006UGMS
MSG0619John Lunn (MSG0619)10/01/2006 MS
MSG0620Joseph & Deborah Troester (MSG0620)10/01/2006 MS
MSG0696Julie Rossate (MSG0696)10/01/2006 MS
MSG0697Peter Harrits (MSG0697)10/01/2006 MS
MSG0698Mary Borgman (MSG0698)10/01/2006 MS
MSG0700Help an ELCA missionary lead Sunday worship10/01/2006 MS
MSG0701Help an ELCA missionary teach three school courses10/01/2006 MS
MSG0702Help an ELCA missionary provide surgical training to medical students10/01/2006 MS
VMG0046ELCA Vision for Mission10/01/2006IYVM
WHS0001AIDS/AIDS Orphans - Synod10/01/2006B8WH
WHS0006Lutheran World Relief - Synod10/01/2006A5WH
WHS0030Augusta Victoria - Synod10/01/2006W6WH
WHS0036Stand With Africa fund - Synod10/01/2006SASWA
WHS0038World Hunger Appeal-Synod10/01/2006A4WH
WHS0039Agriculture - Synod10/01/2006H3WH
WHS0047Primary Health Care - Synod10/01/2006H7WH
WHS0048Refugees - Synod10/01/2006H9WH
WHS0049Water - Synod10/01/2006H1WH
WHS0050Women and Children - Synod10/01/2006H5WH
WHS0051God's Global Barnyard- Synod10/01/2006AGWH
WHS0054Lutheran World Federation - Synod10/01/2006BHWH
WHS0055Vocational Training - Synod10/01/2006K2WH